Review – ALL THE WRONG CHORDS by Christine Hurley Deriso


Scarlett is living with her grandfather for the summer shorty after her brother dies. When she is introduce to a local band she falls for the bad boy, but what happens when she starts taking notice in another band member, not to mention they asked her to join the band.

Okay, things I liked about the book, Sacrett, I liked and felt for most of the time. I liked the idea of the story, but there are things I found bothersome. Declan the bad boy was definitely a jerk, but there was something in the book where he revealed a personal thing and I didn’t like the way the other characters treated it as if it wasn’t a big deal. It does not excuse him for being a player and a jerk, but I found that part to be insensitive.

I also felt like when her best friend revealed his big secret, her sister was acting like she was overreacting. If I were Scarlett I would have been super mad and extremely hurt.

It ended in a good way, but this book just lacked a whole lot of feeling out of me.

3 stars

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Scarlett Stiles is desperate for a change of scenery after her older brother, Liam, dies of a drug overdose. But spending the summer with her grandfather wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Luckily, Scarlett finds something to keep her busy–a local rock band looking for a guitarist. Even though playing guitar has been hard since Liam died, Scarlett can’t pass on an opportunity like this, and she can’t take her eyes off the band’s hot lead singer either. Is real happiness just around the corner? Or will she always be haunted by her brother’s death?



Amanda Wakes UpAmanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

‘“All that cable news has done is divide this country in half. You’ve got liberals and conservatives, red and blue, black and white, right and wrong, okay? Now what if… what if– he paused dramatically to let his hypothetical hang midair– “what if, there could be one news network that would have all of those in one place? What if the point were not to divide the country, but to bring everyone together?”’

My Synopsis:

Amanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota is a satire of the presidential election season and broadcast journalism. Amanda, a young 20 something, has aspired to be a top news anchor since she was 15, and now she has her chance with a brand new network. FAIR news promises to give its audience what it wants: information about both sides of the issue. Caught up in a living changing career move, Amanda begins to question what she knows about journalism, politics, and the American people.

I was skeptical when I first started reading the book because there was curse words on every single page. I know some people enjoy that, but I personally think there are better ways to express oneself. Then a few pages in, the characters started bashing conservatives and republicans. The book describes CNN as being unbiased, and I literally laughed out loud at that. I was tempted to close the book and leave it unfinished, which I really hate to do, but I decided to stick with it and see if the writing became less slanted. I am actually glad I finished the book because the writing was hilarious, and Camerota brought up a lot of relevant questions about journalism.

‘“Now imagine this: What if you had one-stop shopping for news consumers? What if Republicans and Democrats, midwesterners and northeasterners, old and young, could all watch the same news network?”’

Camerota delves into the purpose and role of broadcast journalism. This is a super relevant topic today. As revealed in the story, current news stations seemed to have picked a side: left or right. Instead of reporting the facts, most are only reporting one opinion or one side of the story. Then you have those channels not attempting to report the news at all. Instead, they play Youtube videos and have gimmicky segments just for laughs. A big eye opener was when Camerota discussed news stations being run like a business and only focussing on the ratings. To keep ratings up, stations must give the viewers what they want whether or not what the viewers want is facts based news or opinion based stories. This story gave me a lot to think about. Is the new black or white? Should it only be objective? Is the report’s job to solve the problems or only present the information?

My Recommendations:

If you are looking for a quick, funny read, this might be one to try. I recommend this book to journalism majors and people interested in topics like politics and mass media. Alisyn Camerota has worked in broadcast media for 20+ years so she has a lot of behind the scenes insight.

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