This book had moments that were great and moments that were not so great. I really loved how the love triangle flipped and the two boys fell for each other, that doesn’t normally happen. Caden and Dylan’s relationship was adorable; I got really sad for a second when I though Dyl was actually straight. Speaking of Dyl, he honestly reminded my of a four year old for a majority of the book, it seemed extremely unreal; but I guess he was exaggerating his personality to get Caden to fall for him? There were some super cheesy moments that made my cringe, like at the end where the Love Interests cheer the protagonists for saving the day. I’m glad Caden and Dylan got their happy ending, but we only got a brief glimpse into what Juliet’s life was like, and absolutely nothing about how Nat was handling Trevor’s death. While reading this I was reminded of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and The Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout (I had a huge urge to reread these while reading this book) and recommend The Love Interest to lovers of these books and vice versa.


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