Hi, welcome (back) to Nocturnal Book Club Blog. I hope everyone’s doing great. Today I want to talk about something important, something that I see being unknown for newer generations. Nowadays we’re surrounded by technology, while it makes some stuff easier, it’s also making us forget how great things are without it.


Now, we see young kids starting at the age of 5 or even younger with tablets and phones. They are not getting to know how what having an “awesome childhood” means, to want your parents or grandparents to read you a book, to tell you a story, take you to the park or to get you that awesome toy for Christmas. To me, that’s sad. To raise your kids without technology should be #1 in the Priority List. So here are my five reasons why a library is important in your kids life:


  1. It leads to more reading

Reading = Brain Food. As simple as that. Reading aids in brain development, especially during your child’s first 5 years of life.


  1. It’s fun and it saves you money

When your kids enter a library, they enter a whole world of entertaining stories. And, if you have a tight budget, taking them to the library is a plus.


  1. It gives them confidence

When they read a book and they identify with the hero or heroine they feel good and more confident with themselves because they know there’s someone out there just like them, even if it is a fictional character.


  1. Library time is active time

Now days librarians have ways of bringing children stories to life, which gives them the chance to interact with their favorite characters. For them, this is a magical time and it often happens in cozy corners with bean-bag chairs and lots of comfy pillows.


  1. Owning a library card teaches them responsibility

They learn to treat with care things that belong to others. He feels it’s his responsibility to take good care of it, he feels thrust worthy. So go get them a library card and take them out to celebrate.


So tell me, why do you think a library is important in your kids life? I would love to know. Don’t forget you can follow me on my social media.





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