Who doesn’t love a bad boy? I mean think of it. Every time a fictional bad boy comes along you want to befriend him, love him and make him a good boy. Right? Or, is it just me? I hope all of you can relate to this. And that’s exactly why I have a list of bad boy recommendations for you to fall in love with.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

Now this is where I started my very first bad boy crush. Draco! The boy who
never had much choices. Now a lot of people may say this love is unhealthy
and boy, I know it! Who likes to deal with dark magic? But I firmly believe that
in spite of all the cruelty Draco does have a soft heart. A soft spot that
yearning to be found out.

Jacob Black from Twilight Saga

He is not portrayed as your typical bad boy but he does have qualities of a bad
boy and my love for him second to none. He sacrificed his love (even though
later we find out that his attraction to Bella is a whole different story.). I don’t
think any fictional bad boy does it. I love his possessiveness and how he cares
about what is his. If you want a fictional bad boy to love here you go!

Mr. Grey from Fifty Shades Trilogy

Breath! I know. I think everyone loves him in secrecy. Nobody’s willing say it
out loud. Now, he is not one of my all-time favourite bad boy lovers but I must
say at one point I did feel something for him. You know love is complicated
(wink). But if you want to trade with him, watch out girlies. Some men are
beasts in disguise.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Darcy is my favourite bad boy from classical literature. Talk about that
attitude! As much as I want to ignore him and pretend he is not my type, the
more I feel drawn to him. I swear if I meet real Mr. Darcy I will not fall for him.
I can’t stand the ‘I’m full of myself’ attitude. But Jane Austen’s story telling is
so good that you cannot help loving Darcy.

Peter from Divergent Trilogy

Peter is one adorable character. I know, I know. I have never felt like killing
someone than peter when I was first reading Divergent. He was so annoying
and evil. But his character development puts me in awe. He is just like Draco,
had a good heart waiting to be discovered. I think loving him would be a really
interesting experience.

Jackson from the Arcana Chronicles

Jackson is your typical bad boy who is not a bad boy type of guy. He is
charismatic, crude, mean, possessive and also loving. Yes. That’s him. One
thing I love about him is that he doesn’t abandon you no matter what. Even
though Evie and Jackson had issued towards the end of the story he actually
risked his life to help Evie. Now what more you want.

Lucian from Gilded Wings Series

Well this one is complicated. He is a good boy gone bad and again good. He is
a fallen angel. As in he is exiled from the heaven. But when he meets Haven
he needs to help for good. He needs to stop being evil and rescue the world
from Satan himself. We all deserve a second chance. So does he.

Iago from Othello

There’s absolutely no way to justify Iago’s pure evilness. His soul is black and
no one can argue with it. If you love someone whose souls is so dark there you
go. I don’t say I love him but there’s something about his confidence his
malice that makes you drawn to him. Or maybe it’s Othello’s and
Desdemona’s stupidity. I don’t know. But if you’re going to love him, also
know that you’re in for a lot of heartbreak.

That is my recommendations list for fictional bad boys to love. Do tell me if you’re
already in love with one of them or planning to devote yourself to one of these
charming boys. Also don’t hesitate to mention those who you think should be
included in this list.

Happy Reading!


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